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  • Do I work on above ground pools?
    No, but I can refer you to someone that does if you are in need of someone. I mainly work on inground pools.
  • How much will it cost to replace my vinyl liner?
    Depending if there is extra work that needs to be done once the old liner is removed. If there is existing rust on the walls that must be repaired, patching of the pool bottom, then that is calculated into the cost of material and labor. 1/2 is due at the time that the liner is ordered as a deposit.
  • Do I clean pools? Or do you offer a weekly service that does that?
    Unfortunately I don't offer a weekly maintenance service for pools. If you are needing somebody I can refer you out to a company that does.
  • How long does it take for my liner to come in and be installed?
    Depending on how busy the vendor is and how booked my schedule is, usually within a couple of weeks. Each liner is specific and must be manufactured per the measurements of the individual pool. Once a pattern is chosen and ordered, it is then manufactured, and shipped from the east coast, 2-3 weeks in total. As long as we have weather above 70° the liner can be installed in 1-2 days once started
  • Guy is busy and I would like to pay him, is there somebody that can give me an invoice or bill?"
    Yes, if you need an invoice, or to send Guy payment. Please contact: (Charity Schneider)
  • Do you repair pool equipment?
    Yes, I can repair most pool equipment including changing out pool motors, plumbing, changing out existing filters. Please contact me if you have a question regarding equipment issues.
  • A rope broke on my Automatic Pool Cover, can you replace it?
    Yes, I can replace the ropes, I have an industrial sewing machine that I bring onsite to sew ropes on. I can also patch or replace fabric that includes all new hardware if that is needed.
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