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Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic Pool Covers provide an array of benefits from protecting your family to lowering your heating bills. And, they can be installed on new or existing swimming pools.

Let's Talk Tracks

There are three types of track systems: under track, recessed top track, and deckmount. The type of system chosen for a particular project is based on the shape of the pool, the location of the cover track, and the timing of the installation of the cover track.

Under Track System

This type of track system is generally installed on rectangular pools. It is paired with a drive mechanism that is mounted below grade in a covered box. The track is mounted under the coping to keep it out of sight, providing a clean look to the installation.

The actual mounting of the track can be accomplished in two ways:

1) The first is to anchor it to the underside of the coping itself.

2) The second is to use what is called encapsulation. In this process, the aluminum encapsulation is mounted to the top of the pool wall and the coping is poured or installed directly on top, securing it in place. Encapsulation is available in different options to accommodate different types of pools. 

Recessed Top Track System

A recessed top track system is similar to an under track system in that the drive mechanism is mounted below grade in a covered box. However, rather than being mounted under the coping, it is located outside the shape of the pool or along the sides of the pool.

There are two mounting options for this type of track system:

1) The first is a standard top track mounting on the pool deck. With a low profile and rounded edges, it is designed to provide a relatively seamless visual transition from the cover to the pool deck. And because it sits outside the shape of the pool, it is a great option when installing an automatic safety cover on a freeform shaped pool. 

2) The second option is to use a recessed track. It is mounted along the sides of the pool before the pool deck is poured, and positioned so it will be flush with the top of the finished pool deck.

Deckmount System

Deck mount systems are designed specifically for existing pools. Both the drive mechanism and the low-profile track are mounted on top of the pool deck. Because the drive mechanism is mounted on top of the pool deck, often a bench is built to cover it. This not only protects the mechanism, it provides seating for those enjoying the pool. 

Contact me and and I can determine what is best and most cost efficient for your situation.

New fabric on an Automatic Pool Cover
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